Rome Pool Kit

by Danilo Brunetti

Sometimes, a trip to the beach can stress and tire you out as much as it’s supposed to relax you. These four hotels inside the city offer the seaside’s refreshing escape without the hassle of getting there. Matthew Kleiner investigates


For a cool afternoon in the August heat, AQVI Pool (pictured) has the bases covered. Tucked between the walls of the elegant Sheraton Rome hotel and a sweep of vibrant greenery, the pool, with its restaurant and bar, offers a delightful oasis to city-weary travelers. A cascade spills gently down toward a shady deck, furnished with lounge chairs and umbrellas, while the water at the other side of the pool laps at the open-air restaurant and bar. Include a trip to nearby EUR, an impressive modern neighborhood featuring its own lake and the famous “square colosseum,” to complete your getaway. Open daily, 9:30am–8:30pm.

Viale del Pattinaggio, 100. Tel 0654537059.


Not far from Termini Station, a splash of blue colors the neutral skyline. While sipping a fruity cocktail, relaxing with a good book, or doing invigorating laps, you might find it di cult to leave the refreshing waters of Aleph Hotel’s   rooftop pool, but it’s worth drying o for a memorable lunch looking out over the Ludovisi district at the hotel’s Sky Blu restaurant. In the evening, watch Rome light up as you pull from an elegant hookah. It is strongly recommended to call in advance as this exclusive space is reserved for a limited number of guests at a time. Open daily, 8am–8pm.

Via di S. Basilio, 15. Tel 064229001.


Rising over Rome to the northwest, the summit of Monte Mario was chosen as an ideal location for Italy’s first ever radio-television tower, a national observatory, and in 1963, the city’s most luxurious resort. Boasting unbeatable views, an extensive private art collection, as well as Rome’s only three- Michelin-starred restaurant, Rome Cavalieri occupies a class of its own. The hotel offers two outdoor pools, including a kids’ pool, and one indoors. Treat yourself to delicious cocktails and sandwiches from the bar, and for the full nine yards, an afternoon at the Roman baths-style spa. Open daily 8am–7pm.

Via Alberto Cadlolo, 101. Tel 0635092950.

The Grand Hotel perches just outside the ancient city walls, atop the Janiculum Hill. Circle around to the rear of the hotel for a dip in the lovely pool, which is bordered by lounge chairs and leafy trees. The restaurant is popular with locals, who like to eat outside under the canvas gazebo. A row of charming villas sheltered by cypresses and umbrella pines lends the space a suburban atmosphere, though it’s only a short walk down the so-called “eighth hill of Rome” to the buzzing neighborhood of Trastevere in the historic center. Open daily, 9am–7pm.

Viale delle Mura Gianicolensi, 107. Tel 0658333405.