Villa Grazioli Park Hotel

by admin_wr

Villa Grazioli was built in 1580 by Cardinal Antonio Carafa.  It is situated on a hill overlooking the ancient city of Rome, the sea and Tivoli. The Villa is a masterpiece of the 16th century art, history and culture, filled with magnificent works of art painted by Italian masters like Ciampelli, Carracci and Pannini. Today Villa Grazioli is a refined hotel: guests can experience the typical atmosphere of an old aristocratic Villa rich in art, while enjoying the comfort and technology of a modern hotel. The area where the Villa stands is in a commanding position, below the slopes of Monte Tuscolo. The park that surrounds the Villa is more than 15.000 sq m and is predominantly rural. The greenery is mainly arboreal, being composed in the past by fruit trees, lemon trees, a wineyard, a small kitchen garden and an Italian garden. Nowadays the park has old long trunk trees such as holm-oaks, Orientalis plane trees – it is thought they are the same frescoed in the Room of Eliseo of the Villa – Lebanon cedars, Deodara cedars, Jubaea Chilensis palms, Caucaso pines and sequoia. The horse-chestnuts along the sides of the entrance of the Villa have been removed during the restoration works.

Via Umberto Pavoni, 19 – 00046 Grottaferrata Rome
T. + 39 06 945400