25 th Anniversary

by Danilo Brunetti
Our first cover March 1995

25 is an extraordinary milestone in the life of a magazine, especially considering the advent of the internet and the great changes that have revolutionized the world of publishing, with printed paper often succumbing to the supremacy of all things digital. Just as technology has made unthinkable advances since 1995, so too has Rome herself undergone deep transformations, enhancing her “Great Beauty” even more (if possible!). Among these—and of special importance to us as it graced our very first cover—is the restoration of the Spanish Steps. It’s an aesthetic as well as symbolic renovation, and by comparing it today to how it appeared then, we see a cultural rebirth before our very eyes.

Where Rome’s staff

But something that will never change is Where‘s editorial philosophy and its mission to always present the very best the city has to offer, its characterizing aspects full of authentic flavor. This is particularly illustrated by the faithfulness of our advertisers, some of whom have been with us since our very inception. With them, who have supported us through the years, as well as the staff of the distributing hotels, and, of course, our readers, we proudly celebrate our 25th anniversary.