A Match Made in Heaven

by Danilo Brunetti

The expert pairing of food and wine is at the heart of this restaurant’s philosophy. 

The cuisine of restaurant Convivio Ampelo (whose name derives from the Latin word for vine, and also identifies a mythological figure linked to the cult of wine) has its origins in an innovative project led by young entrepreneur Davide Quartieri. The idea consists of ​​pairing each course with the perfectly suited wine, in order to make the most of the food-wine marriage.

In the kitchen, the chefs work with the finest raw ingredients, fully enhanced in their simplicity: seasonal ingredients are favored and handled as little as possible to leave their peculiarities and nutritional properties intact. Both the à la carte menu and the tasting itineraries built on the balance between tradition and innovation with constant experimentation—touching on other cuisines of the world—to offer innovative and delectable dishes.

Start your meal with an appetizer of steamed monkfish with asparagus cream and Sichuan pepper. Next indulge with a delicious primo such as the lasagnetta with sautéed artichokes and an egg yolk and saffron cream; or Vialone Nano risotto with turnip greens, anchovies, and candied citron. For your main course, try the tuna tataki with pistachio and almond crust and an onion and green apple jam; or the suckling pig, cooked at low temperature, glazed with cauliflower au gratin and mustard mayonnaise. From the tempting dessert list, don’t miss the pear and hazelnut tartlet with ricotta ice cream or the Pavlova cake (a meringue-based dessert) with wild berries.

The décor cunningly captures a contrast between modern and retro: the avant-garde furnishings pleasantly juxtapose the environment of the historic wine cellar dating back to the 19th century. It’s an evocative space where time seems to have stopped, and can be reserved for private parties. The wine list is built on the most important Italian and world denominations, with over 450 labels including organic, biodynamic, and natural vintages from both small producers and prestigious maisons.

Via Aurelia Antica, 372/378. Tel 0651530654. convivioampelo.it