A Roman Gourmet’s Favorite

by Danilo Brunetti

Constantly put to the test by lovers of traditional cuisine, Berzitello passes with flying colors. Federico Schiaffino shares his review.

Supposedly, life began with the gluttonous act of eating an apple, but these days, food as a bearer of pleasure has been atrophied by today’s frantic pace. To combat that phenomenon, enter this gastronomic oasis to taste authentic Roman cuisine, expressing its crystal-clear identity. A welcoming and friendly restaurant reminiscent of a Roman tavern of the past, Berzitello is the perfect setting for the city’s culinary tradition to dazzle in one of its most successful interpretations. Despite the presence of seafood and meat in many diverse preparations, the majority of the menu is inspired by classic Roman dishes, particularly homemade pasta.Unmissable specialties include carbonara by the book (many diners come for this dish alone) alongside mouthwatering and creamy cacio e pepe, and the equally impeccable gricia. The menu also features several fresh fish proposals, such as the exceptional mixed seafood fry, scampi au gratin, and the catch of the day, prepared baked, grilled, or according to the guest’s preference. As a tempting alternative, you can find sumptuous cuts of Chianina meat, steaks, and hamburgers, all accompanied by grilled vegetables, baked potatoes, and sautéed chicory. To combat the bitterness of life, end your meal with one of the tantalizing homemade desserts. Select a perfectly paired bottle of light Lazio wine and your meal will be complete. The service, animated by host Adriano, is swift and cordial, just like in a typical trattoria. Heated outdoor space is available. Via delle Quattro Fontane, 32b. Tel 06164162721.