A World of Flavors

by Danilo Brunetti

An exciting new eatery offers a vast menu of well-loved Italian dishes as well as titillating international specialties.

A brand-new restaurant a few steps from the Circus Maximus, Numa al Circo is already garnering attention with Rome’s most discerning foodies and design-lovers alike. The restaurant was built with an eco-friendly perspective, using wood, glass, and recycled materials such as concrete tiles from an ancient villa, cut in the shape of a rhombus to imitate the original floor of that famous Roman racetrack not far away. The dining space stretches over a comfortable 200 square meters, including an outdoor area embellished by a vertical garden.

International dishes as well as the most beloved classics of Italian cuisine characterize the gastronomic proposal of chef Davide Cianetti, who starts the day right with the International Breakfast and continues at lunch with dishes from the world. Highlights of the international lunch menu include the Numa Burger, made with Fassona beef, tomato, iceberg salad, red onion, and smoked provolone; the Veggie Pita with hummus, marinated eggplant, Greek feta, Harissa sauce, and tapioca chips; and the Crispy Bao Pork, a soft steamed bao bun stuffed with crispy pork belly, shizo, cucumber, and spicy mayo.

The journey of flavors continues with Poké Bowls featuring meat, fish and seasonal vegetables. There are also fried foods and assorted delicacies, a wide range of cured meat and cheese platters, as well as pasta dishes, where traditional recipes reign supreme: tonnarelli alla carbonara, pici all’amatriciana, fettuccine alla gricia, and spaghetti cacio e pepe. Kyu cauliflower is another favorite, roasted and served with goat cream cheese, jalapenõ, shizo, and lemon sauce; and the tagliata of chicken or steak are also popular choices. For dessert, try the Roman cheesecake with ricotta and sour cherries or the ricotta and pear cake. Another attraction is the Pizza Smile, so called because its shape resembles a large grin, stuffed with various fillings, from tomato and mozzarella, to grilled vegetables, basil pesto, and other specialties. At aperitivo hour, bartender Marco Boscagli offers an array of signature cocktails and imaginative drinks served with a selection of delicious focaccia and finger foods.

Viale Aventino, 20. Tel. 0664420669. numaroma.it

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