All You Need for the Home

by Danilo Brunetti

A housewares shop tempts and delights with beautiful and functional objects for daily use.

The name of this shop is appropriate: it’s a container of ideas, of curiosities, and of suggestions, a place so full of charming temptations that you’ll want to take everything home with you. The ideal place for those who love both the useful and the beautiful, CONTAINER16 is a concept store in the center of Rome, a wonderland for anyone who loves objects, utensils, and books at the service of the home, the kitchen, and cuisine.

A few steps from Piazza Navona and the Pantheon, this welcoming space features articles by renowned Italian brands, alongside charming and peculiar objects by creators from all over the world. An ample area of the shop is reserved for objects by Seletti, a prestigious Italian design brand and an icon of eclectic and provocative home décor. Flower vases in porcelain or glass take the shape of anatomical hearts; lamps are inspired by mice, hanging monkeys, chameleons, and birds in flight; and the incredible tableware of their Hybrid line brings together the traditions of Western and Eastern porcelain in a masterful combination.

The shop also boasts a vast selection of products by Alessi, a company that, for over a hundred years, has been bringing Italian design to the world. Find an array of moka coffee makers, so you can prepare authentic Italian espresso back home, small appliances such as toasters, kettles, and citrus squeezers, as well as graters, truffle cutters, and accessories for wine and cocktails. The selection continues to surprise with mugs, coffee and tea cups, ceramics, plates, glasses, teapots, pots and pans, aprons, placemats, small vintage pieces, and Italian cookbooks in various languages. Every object in the shop celebrates the combination of originality and functionality. And just in case you’re tempted to buy far more than you could ever fit in your suitcase, they offers worldwide shipping.

Via della Scrofa, 16. Tel 063236363.