by Danilo Brunetti

The Chef Riccardo Di Giacinto’s All’Oro, is back with a new location, menu, and style. Originally housed within The First Luxury Hotel, and before that in the Parioli neighborhood, the restaurant has changed addresses to the brand-new 5-star hotel, The H’All Tailor Suite. Diners begin by descending a sweeping staircase to arrive at the bar, complete with a dark wood counter, reminiscent of a 1920s-era speakeasy. Further on is an impressive open wine cellar with over 600 labels, which is part of the first of All’Oro’s two dining rooms. The space here is modern and sophisticated, with cement and bronze walls that give it a New York feel. The second room, meanwhile, takes inspiration from a classic English home, complete with a fireplace and coffered ceilings. Regardless of which room you find yourself in, the waiters are dressed entirely in black. The only colors in the dining room, it seems, are reserved for Di Giacinto’s spectacular food. Tried-andtrue signature dishes of the chef, like braised oxtail “Rocher” (a classic Roman dish reinterpreted with inspiration from the Ferrero Rocher brand’s spherical chocolates); and cappelletti pasta in a dry broth of parmesan, saffron, and lemon; are listed alongside debut proposals like veal with cauliflower, licorice, and caviar; “T’Agliata,” a steak dressed in black garlic, seaweed, and capers; and “Cacio e Shaker,” cacio e pepe pasta prepared, in an innovative twist, in a cocktail shaker, directly at the table. Soon the restaurant’s garden will be available: a luminous iron and crystal greenhouse rich in luxuriant plants, where diners are able to enjoy breakfast or dinner out of doors, regardless of the season.

Via Giuseppe Pisanelli, 25. Tel 0697996907.