by Danilo Brunetti

In an elegant and timeless Roman palace on secluded and leafy Via Margutta, where each cobblestone is witness
to the passage of time, you can find this charming restaurant. The walls inside are adorned with works of modern art, as
well as books and other unconventional embellishments, and the scents of bread and thyme hang in the air. Undoubtedly, this restaurant is a she, and she is called Babette, the product of the imagination, creativity, and experience of the owners, sisters Flora and Silvia. The cuisine is based on the sisters’ secret family recipes, and each dish is meticulously prepared, down to the smallest detail. The wines are expertly chosen to complement the cuisine, and the service is friendly yet discreet. The tranquil and intimate atmosphere makes it hard to believe you’re just steps from Piazza di Spagna. At Babette, the selection of ingredients borders on obsession. The majority of the products are local, with a few elements from the other side of the Alps when nothing else will do. Each dish, including the fried ones, is made strictly with extra virgin olive oil (except when butter from Normandy is called for) and frozen is simply not a word in their vocabulary. Babette creates dishes that change with the seasons, crafted with produce and ingredients that are sold daily in the city’s markets. The result is a light and flavorful cuisine that leaves just enough room to indulge in one of their tempting desserts. Torta Babette, the result of a highly secret recipe, is in itself reason enough to book a table, and the famous French Tarte Tatin is also on the menu. Babette serves both lunch and dinner as well as a sumptuous brunch, in their charming dining room/art gallery or outdoors in the idyllic and intimate inner courtyard.

> Via Margutta, 1d. Tel 063211559.