Covid 19 – Letter from the Staff

by Danilo Brunetti

As we are sure you are well aware, due to the spread of the Coronavirus, all of ltaly, including Rome, has been placed under severe travel restrictions in force for an undetermined period. In addition, all museums, archeological sites, libraries, cinemas, theaters, and pubs are closed, and all concerts, plays, exhibits, sporting events, performances, and other events have been cancelled. 

Notwithstanding, with faith in a rapid solution of the epidemic, we have produced our April 2020 issue, just as we do every month, but only in the digital version. As well the other cities of Italian Network. ( )

Naturally, at the time of publishing, we cannot know what the next month will bring, and we therefore cannot guarantee that the events and exhibits listed in this issue will go on as scheduled. 

We thank you for understanding and we appreciate your continued support of ltaly.

Editorial Staff of Where Rome