Culti Milano

by Danilo Brunetti

 The Scented World of the Culti House

You may have your own signature scent, but what about your home? Where Rome introduces you to the world of Culti Milano.

Décor isn’t the only way to accessorize a home; the right fragrance is an unexpected way to personalize your living space. Enter Culti House in Rome. In business for over 30 years, Culti Milano creates original perfumes dedicated to the home. The brand, leader in the field of home fragrances, invented in 1990 the rattan stick system, a unique and natural way to disperse scent.

“An object can be scented, as well as beautiful, to stimulate the senses… Culti Milano is the opportunity for a person to choose their own fragrance, which will accompany them in their homes and in their life,” says founder and creative director Alessandro Agrati. “Era,” for example, is a heady blend of cassis, rose, and vegetable amber that gives the impression of a flavorful basket of freshly picked berries; the “Noblesse” capsule collection evocatively conjures up the spirit of the winter season with notes of cinnamon and star anise; and the iconic “Tessuto” fragrance evokes the fresh feel of linen and the softness of silk. Di users, candles, sprays, and scented sachets serve as the hallmarks of the Culti Milano collection, and the sleek and timeless design of the di user bottles seamlessly blends with any style.

In addition to all this, the brand has recently expanded its products range to the personal care universe with “Naturale,” a line of products that includes detox and pro creams, hand and body lotions, hand and body soaps, shampoo, conditioner, and, most exciting of all, three refined eau de parfum.

Via Vittoria, 61. Tel 0645493442.