by Danilo Brunetti

Changing of the Guard for this restaurant in the city center, a few steps from Piazza San Silvestro. After a period of gastronomic eclipse caused by improvised managers, the helm is back in the hands of the owners, who are undoubtedly experienced, as confirmed by the long running of the renowned Antica Osteria Croce. The name Delizioso has been retained, as to immediately give the immediate idea of a healthy cuisine based on the most important dishes of the Roman tradition, with some little digressions such as, for example, cacio e pepe pasta with prawns and lime. Gricia with artichokes is an absolute specialty not to be missed.

Meatballs, another Roman classic, are offered in three different variations, very classic with tomato sauce, with truffle and Cacciatora-style (garlic, rosemary,and extravirgin olive oil).

In the menu there are also pizza and pinsa preparaed with long leavening (72 hours) and proposed in a few versions with the most classic toppings. The wine list is concise, with the positive note of serving the majority of references also by the glass.

Open daily from 12pm to 11pm.

Via della Mercede, 32. Tel 06679 2376.