Dream Seams

by Danilo Brunetti

For the ingredients of a fashion creation all your own, stop by Casa del Tessuto, a top Roman texitile boutique for nearly a century. Federico Schiaffino reviews.

If selecting a swoon-worthy fabric and having it crafted into a bespoke outfit is on your fashion bucket list, check out Casa del Tessuto, located in the heart of the vibrant Esquilino neighborhood. This boutique has been dedicated to the sale of high quality fabrics with passion and expertise since 1927. The shop’s name couldn’t be more appropriate, given that it’s a true “home” for any kind of fabric: from cotton to silk, linen to fine wools in solid colors and patterns, carefully selected cashmeres, velvets, lace and embroidered tulle, viscose and mixed fiber fabrics such as faux leather, lycra, and microfibre, there’s virtually no variety of fabric that cannot be found here.

The choices are endless and suitable for all tastes and needs: for women, the ample assortment includes precious fabrics for bridal gowns; for men, the array of high-quality suit fabrics is dizzying; colorful and whimsical fabrics are perfect for turning into magnificent costumes for Carnevale, and they even carry fabrics for making ecclesiastical vestments and sportswear (in fact, it’s the official provider of materials to the original AS Roma Soccer team). Household linens and upholstering fabrics round out the offerings.

In addition to boasting the direct import and exclusive distribution for Italy of Liberty fabrics (a type of pure cotton fabric, light like linen and soft like silk, that comes from Great Britain and for this reason is also referred to as “the queen’s fabric”), Casa del Tessuto also offers a prestigious selection of ready-to-wear men’s suits, as it is a direct dealership of DEA, the manufacturer of Ermenegildo Zegna fabrics.

In the furnishing sector, you can find the most varied types of fabrics for curtains and tablecloths, while household linens such as sheet sets, duvets, quilts, towels, an bathrobes are available from the most exclusive brands including Alviero Martini 1° Classe, Missoni, Renato Balestra, and Nazareno Gabrielli.

Via dello Statuto, 64/66. Tel 064872813. casadeltessuto.com