First Landscape

by Danilo Brunetti

An exhibit by Silvia Codignola explores landscapes of our interior lives.

Art gallery Maja Arte Contemporanea announces its first collaboration with artist Silvia Codignola. Each of us carries within us, into adulthood, the memory of a place from our childhood, often linked to the holiday season: a house where we can find objects as they were left the year before, or the profile of a stubbornly unchanged landscape that seems to await our seasonal return. These places end up living inside us.

The works of Silvia Codignola selected for this exhibition named Paesaggio Primo include paintings, watercolors, and sculptures, and they seem to lead us silently to those early landscapes. As Vittorio Lingiardi, the exhibit’s curator, writes, “Landscape is not just the natural view on which we rest our gaze. It is not only the territory that forms the backdrop to our experience and hosts our history. The landscape is a place imagined and rediscovered. The idea of landscape that emerges with imperturbable evidence from Silvia Codignola’s paintings is linked to the concept of mindscape, a neologism that makes the landscape a psychic place. Not the belvedere, the Tuscan hills, the Gulf of Tigullio, rather mindscapes are places suspended between the internal and external worlds. They are the places of our subjectivity: they inhabit the memory and the gaze, they express our connection with family and collective history, and they are the foundation of our aesthetic dimension. If landscape is the landscape as a natural scene, mindscape is the landscape as a psychic scene: we look at it because it looks back at us”. Runs until 27 May. 

Via di Monserrato, 30. Tel 0668804621.