Hot Dates April 2019

by Danilo Brunetti

The Sonics – Tuesday 16 to Saturday 20

Internationally renowned acrobatics group The Sonics are swinging into Teatro Olimpico with a high-energy, innovative new show. In daring, multi-discipline performance Steam, aerial acrobatics, larger-than-life-sized paintings, and unique stage machines come together in an unknown futuristic world where the true protagonist is time.

MAXXI – from Wednesday 3

The Museum of 21st Century Art (aka the MAXXI) has lots in store with several new exhibits opening in April. The 3rd of the month brings Between Image and Performance, an exhibit devoted to the photography of Elisabetta Catalano. Next, celebrate Rome-based photographer Paolo di Paolo in his dedicatory exhibit Lost World (pictured), showcasing his famed photographs, opening on the 17th. On the same day, works from the museum’s architecture collection are presented in the exhibit At Home. See the full line- up of new events at

Romics – Thursday 4 to Sunday 7

Are you a fan of comic books? Or just an enthusiast of all things animation? You’re in luck. Romics, the international expoof comics, animation, cinema, and games is back in the Eternal City this month at Fiera Roma. Stop by one of the many stands to meet the festival’s guest publishers, play role-playing games, take part in events, and much more.

Marathon – Sunday 7

Lace up your sneakers! It’s time to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Rome’s international marathon—arguably the most scenic racing route on the planet. While competitors work up a sweat, they also get to ogle world-renowned monuments like the Colosseum, the Altar of the Fatherland (pictured above), Circus Maximus, Piazza del Popolo, Castel Sant’Angelo, and many more. For those not up for the nearly 27- mile circuit, the Stracittadina Open is a non-competitive 5k route that allows amateur runners to soak in the wonders and treasures of the city—and get a good work out in the meantime. If you want to cheer on the marathon participants, the best spot is the home stretch along Via dei Fori Imperiali.


 Natale di Roma – Sunday 21

Happy Birthday Roma! Legend has it that Romulus founded the city we know and love on this day 2,772 years ago, and every year the city throws itself a magnificent party by pulling off the biggest historical reenactment in all of Rome. Whether you’d like to represent a vestal virgin, a gladiator, a god or goddess, or simply an admirer of the city, take part in the festivities by following the procession from Circus Maximus to the Colosseum.

Revolution: The Beatles Musicals – Saturday 27

If you claim you couldn’t recognize this group by their addictive melodies and innovative musical style, you’d be lying. In collaboration with Auditorium Parco della Musica, tribute band The Beatbox brings to life one of the most legendary bands in history with Revolution: The Beatles Musical to celebrate Abbey Road’s 50- year anniversary.

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