Hot Dates August 2021

by Danilo Brunetti

A diverse slew of events and concerts this month prove that August is a fantastic time to be in the Eternal City.

La Bohème at the Circus MaximusUntil 5 Thursday

There are only a few days left to experience an unforgettable night watching world-class opera under the stars, in the inimitable setting of Circus Maximus. The Teatro dell’Opera di Roma is continuing their summer season in the famed ancient racetrack, which has the distinction of being the largest public entertainment venue in the ancient world. As such, it can guarantee the size necessary to ensure distance between concert-goers in accordance with the latest anti-Covid regulations, and the enormous screens set up behind the live performers guarantee that even those spectators at the very back of the audience won’t miss out on the slightest details of the staging, set design, and costumes. Puccini’s perennial crowd-pleaser La Bohème is the final production of the summer season, with innovative and dazzling staging by David Livermore that incorporates massive reproductions of Impressionist art into the stage set.

Casa del JazzAll Month

Sara Jane Ceccarelli

The Casa del Jazz, Rome’s premier venue for Italian and international jazz, in conjunction with the Auditorium Parco della Musica, is presenting a series of concerts this month, each one more thrilling than the next. Some of the most stellar names in Italian jazz are topping the bill, including Javier Girotto, Sara Jane Ceccarelli , Matteo Mancuso, Gege Telesforo, Max Ionata, Dado Moroni, Marcello Rosa, and Luca Filastro, as well as a number of international performers. The grassy hills and lush foliage of the grounds at the Casa del Jazz make it the ideal spot to enjoy a summer night of jazz.

Pink Floyd LegendSaturday 7

Cavea Auditorium PDM

You may have missed your chance to see Pink Floyd perform live by a couple of decades, but it’s not too late to live your dream. Attending a concert by Pink Floyd Legend, the number one tribute band for the immortal progressive rock ensemble, is the next best thing. After a performance break of over a year due to Covid, the band is thrilled to be back on stage, presenting Coming Back to Life, inspired by a song from the album The Division Bell, and chosen precisely in the hope of a return to everyday life, one made up of music and live performances, conviviality, closeness, and time with friends. The group will perform some of Pink Floyd’s most famous songs, from Astronomy Domine to Learning to Fly, from Dogs to Another Brick in the Wall, Brain Damage, The Final Cut, and One of These Days. The performance features original arrangements, sounds, lighting, and effects that have become legendary—don’t miss nearly 40 years of rock history condensed into an unmissable two-hour show. Auditorium PDM Cavea.

Noa Monday 23

Isreali singer-songwriter Noa is back in Rome to perform songs from her latest album Afterallogy, released on April 30th of this year. After 30 years of artistic experience together, between stage, studies, and travels, Noa and her guitarist Gil Dor appear once again in concert after the long performance drought of lockdown. During that isolated and uncertain time, in a mental and sensorial place that cannot be described, but only felt, spontaneous inspiration arrived and with it, the desire to test herself with a new album, and thus Noa’s first totally jazzy and self-made album was born. In the recording room attached to her home, the Israeli singer and her lifelong companion and partner created the twelve songs that make up Afterallogy, their most intimate project yet. Hear those songs as well as long-time favorites at the open-air cavea of the Auditorium PDM.

Rome Meets the WorldUntil Wednesday 18

Modena City Ramblers

The annual international music festival Rome Meets the World continues this month, hosting a wide range of concerts on the banks of the lake of lush Villa Ada park, located to the northeast of the historic center. The 27th edition of this yearly music extravaganza features the theme Music that Heals; it’s a hope, a wish, but above all an invitation to one of the most beloved green spaces of the city, to experience live the rhythms and sounds that have kept us company and supported us in this period of great uncertainty. It’s hard to categorize the genre of this diverse festival, with bands and artists performing in such diverse styles as big band, entho-world, reggae, punk, and electronic, and—as the name of the festival implies—featuring groups from countries around the globe. Some of the most anticipated acts closing out the festival this month include C’mon Tigre, Borgata Boredom Reloaded, Ernia, Kokoroko, Mondocane, Modena City Ramblers, Kodex, Moltheni, and many more.