Hot Dates March 2021

by Danilo Brunetti

Rome is waking up right along with the spring, and exhibits are beginning to pop up all over the city.

Until Friday 20 – Loop

Rome’s Dorothy Circus Gallery is hosting the first European solo exhibition of contemporary artist Masakatsu Sashie. Loop presents seven unpublished works on canvas that reveal the great technical and compositional skills of the Japanese painter, influenced by post-punk dystopian atmospheres. Desolate landscapes submerged by man-made waste and debris; wrecks of vehicles on fire; ghost towns populated only by sickening fumes: this is the apocalyptic world of Masakatsu Sashie. In Sashie’s works, there’s no trace of either human or animal presences, and everything seems overwhelmed by a global desire for uncontrolled accumulation, by the paradox of hyperactivity that has thus far only generated death and desolation. Free entrance by appointment only. Via dei Pettinari, 76.

Until Sunday 7The People I Like

Two hundred people, two hundred never-before-seen portraits by photographer Giovanni Gastel. The Maxxi presents an exhibition portraits of people who, in Gastel’s words, “have passed on something to me, taught me, touched my soul.” The faces on display include many people from the world of culture, design, art, fashion, music, entertainment, and politics that Gastel has encountered during his 40-year career. Among them are Barack Obama, Marco Pannella, Roberto Bolle, Ferruccio Ferragamo, and many others. This exhibit has been extended and now closes at the end of the first week of the month so don’t miss it!

Monday 8International Women’s Day

Show appreciation for the woman in your life by buying her a spray of yellow mimosas on occasion of International Women’s Day. The holiday celebrates women’s economic, political, and social achievements and has been observed on the 8th of March since 1917 when the women-led protests of bread shortages sparked the Russian Revolution. You can find flower-sellers all over the city hawking these early spring posies, and in past years, women have also gotten free entrance to many of Rome’s museums on this day, including the MAXXI, the GNAM, and the Capitoline Museums. Call the city’s cultural hotline at 060608 for a complete list.