Il Bisonte

by Danilo Brunetti

Italy is famous around the world for its beautifully designed, high-quality, and long-lasting leather goods. However, if you’re looking to invest in a product that ages over time in an elegant and unreplicable way, look no further than Il Bisonte. Thanks to the properties of their signature cowhide leather and the natural vegetable tanning process that originated in Tuscany, their products gradually change and even improve over time, making each piece unique, while
still being hard-to-stain, pliant, soft, and smelling of genuine leather. Additionally, Il Bisonte’s meticulous attention to detail, innovative designs, and creative color and fabric combinations result in original and refreshingly simple products.

Each item is handcrafted—from cutting the fabric to sewing in the details—by members of both newer and older generations (some have worked at this company since it was founded). Every artisan the company employs is skilled and experienced, with a deep care and passion for the craft. This dedication has been ingrained in this company since it was founded in 1970. Wanny Di Filippo created this store with his then-future wife, Nadia, when they starting making their first leather pieces together. Today, while Il Bisonte has expanded to a larger factory space, the company still maintains the creativity, imagination, originality, and traditional quality craftsmanship that launched their business to success.

Bisonte offers a wide range of items, including crossbody, tote, messenger bags, backpacks, and briefcases. In terms of smaller items, they carry everything from belts and wallets to sunglasses and keyrings. With home goods including pillows and glass holders, office products like notebooks and pen holders, travel necessities such as luggage tags and passport holders, and even specialty items like cigar and cigarette cases and a chessboard, there really is something for everyone.

Via Borgognona, 13. Tel 0668808097.  Via dei Coronari, 105a/106. Tel 066834092.