In Par(a)dis(e)

by Danilo Brunetti

A mesmerizing new exhibition brings together nature and art to create an unexpected paradise.

In response to a student’s inquiry about the existence of heaven, the wise Paracelsus offers a profound insight: heaven is right here on Earth. However, he also acknowledges that hell exists, and it manifests when we fail to recognize the paradise we inhabit (Jorge Luis Borges). This concept serves as the second theme of the quarterly project of Substratum, an architecture firm located in Rome’s Monti district. The exhibition In Pardis: The Sensitive in the Design and Work of Leila Mirzakhani and Dylan Tripp invites visitors to embark on a journey toward a sensitive and sustainable human paradise.

Within the exhibition space, the ambiance of Pardis is meticulously recreated—a term borrowed from Persian to signify both a garden and a paradise. Every element blossoms in the purity of essential design, as the ethereal colors of the furnishings warmly embrace the natural delicacy of Iranian artist Leila Mirzakhani’s work and the sculptural elegance of American floral designer Dylan Tripp. This captivating exhibition, thoughtfully curated by Substratum, reimagines an indoor garden as a living environment, an intimate space where visitors are encouraged to pause, breathe, listen, and immerse themselves in sensory delights. With a keen eye for form, color, and movement, Tripp constructs miniature botanical realms that embody spontaneity, elegance, and poetry. Leila Mirzakhani’s artistic exploration, on the other hand, originates from her study of metaphors and the interconnectedness of nature and the inner world. The convergence of these two distinct artistic voices results in a contemporary floral aesthetic that captivates the senses. Visitors have the opportunity to revel in the beauty of tangible and intangible elements while indulging in the pleasures of art and nature, that in turn foster a sense of well-being and connection with our environment. On until 30 September.

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