Incanto di Luci

by Danilo Brunetti

“Incanto di Luci”, the renowned sensorial art exhibition, is on display  at the Botanical Garden of Rome from November 19 until January 8, 2023. An enchanted world, framed by the Eternal City, running simultaneously in 18 other foreign locations, such as Paris, Barcelona, ​​Frankfurt, Dresden and Windsor.

An event anticipating the Christmas holidays and which intends to recreate a fabulous microcosm at the Botanical Garden: ” The goal is to arouse wonder in children, but also in adults who increasingly want to experience strong emotions and, perhaps, almost forgotten. We can’t miss the opportunity to awaken sensations which make us feel alive and happy and that, with Incanto di Luci, can be shared with others “, explained local partners Silvia and Mauro Dorigo of Be.It Events, who have brought this highly anticipated and first of its kind event to Italy.

The Botanical Garden will light up thanks to the artistic works of the famous light designer Andreas Boehlke, made suggestive by the melodies of the composer and sound designer Burkhard Fincke: with their interventions and the support of talented landscape architects, they have created a magic path extending for a kilometer and a half, surrounded by the most splendid nature. The installations have been designed to have a limited environmental impact, thanks to the use of LED bulbs and extreme attention to the protection of greenery and wildlife.

During the event, crossing the threshold of a Door of Wonders, you will enter an imaginative and out of the ordinary world, for an fantastic walk among the shining palms of the Avenue of Sparkling Branches, through the Cathedral of Light, to meet the Fairies of the Trees and then go up with your eyes on the Staircase to the Moon. The journey ends with the glittering Christmas Roundabout: as in the most beautiful daydream, among masterfully decorated trees, a large sledge with Santa Claus and  illuminated parcels will surprise visitors with the joy of the true Christmas spirit.

Orto Botanico – Largo Cristina di Svezia, 23A/24.