It’s in the Bag

by Danilo Brunetti

Where better to buy fashion’s most timeless textile than the Eternal City itself?
Alexandra Bruzzese goes shopping for leather bags and accessories at Del Giudice Roma.

If diamonds are a girl’s best friend, leather comes a close second. After all, the luxurious material can be ladylike or tough (think black bomber jacket), stands the test of time, and pairs easily with other pieces in your wardrobe. And it’s no secret that Italy knows a thing or two about leather: the tradition of producing the textile dates all the way back to medieval Italy, where artisans formed guilds to jealously guard their methods
and secrets. Centuries later, the bel paese still reigns as the unsurpassed king of leather, boasting some of the best leather boutiques around. Del Giudice Roma is one of them.

The family-run business has been perfecting the art of the leather bag since 1959, and shirks mass production in favor of hands-on techniques. All products are made at Del Giudice’s own workshop in the historic center of Rome, with each bag and briefcase meticulously crafted by world-class artisans. The designs on offer run the style gamut: the Classic Collection is composed of structured bags, shoulder bags, and slouchy hobo bags in both neutral and vibrant hues that will never go out of style. Satchels and totes (we’re partial to the cerulean hade), hobo, crossbody, and bucket bags, along with sleek clutches also line the shelves. Need to chicly schlep your stuff around? Pick up one of their cute leather backpacks or briefcases for both men and women. Del Giudice also handcrafts accessories that are just as cool as the rest of the inventory: leather belts, coin purses, wallets, toiletry bags, and pencil cases let you add a little lux to every occasion.

Via della Stelletta, 24. Tel 0668809724.