It’s In the Design

by Danilo Brunetti

Lose yourself in the inventive realm of Just Design. Kylee Reader shows the way.

What do you get when you combine objects, emotions, and desire? Nothing less than Just Design. Over a dozen years ago, Nunzia Serrani combined her childhood aspirations and creative eye with colleague Alfonso Femminella’s immense attention to detail and appreciation for the pragmatic, and with that a company like no other was born.

While ordinary toys and trinkets can be found in any typical shop, concept store Just Design offers shoppers of all ages the perfect mix of timeless childlike wonder and valuable collectibles. Like their mantra says, the contemporary store intuitively locates the products you’ve been yearning for and makes owning them a reality. Serrani and Femminella’s attentiveness to curating a diverse array of products is evidenced by their antique and modern finds, making the store enjoyable for shoppers of any age. The large space includes an abundance of quality furniture pieces, vintage posters, superhero memorabilia, unique yet practical household items, and much more. Each of the six stores located in Rome are unique in their eclectic selection of products, so you never know what you’re going to find. Pick up a vintage couch for your den, brighten up any space with a new innovative lamp, or bring home a collectible clock for the young designer in your life.

For the owners of Just Design, it’s not only about offering the most distinct products from the established brands you know and love; it’s also just as much about how they arrange their merchandise, an aspect that is often overlooked. Their impressively organized floor design allows each product to shine, making it that much harder to leave. The company’s philosophy is grounded in forming close relationships with each customer while striving to meet every design need.
> Fiumicino Airport (Terminal D). Tel 0665956028.
> Roma Est mall. Via Collatina Km 12. Tel 0622510572.
> Porta di Roma mall. Tel 0687070978.
> Piazza Cola di Rienzo, 29. Tel 0631052962.