Le Serre – Botanical Garden Restaurant by Vivi

by Danilo Brunetti

A new ambitious project of eco-friendly entrepreneurs Daniela and Cristina, founders of Vivi Bistrot in Villa Pamphili twelve years ago, has opened in the Balduina/Monte Mario area within the gardens of Villa Blumenstihl. The duo has given new life to the lush greenery of a centuries-old nursery long since abandoned, by creating Le Serre – Botanical Garden Restaurant. The new restaurant’s philosophy is true to the successful model of Vivi Bistrot, utilizing only organic, zero km ingredients, and a rigorous avoidance of food waste. With the help of architect Andrea Magnaghi, the greenhouses of the old nursery were transformed into indoor dining space, surrounded by bursting greenery, illuminated by natural light from the windows, and heated by a fireplace.

The luxuriant garden just outside is rich with countless Mediterranean plants, fruit trees, and aromatic herbs, and the restaurant itself is decorated with unique pieces from around the world, from fabrics and textiles to furnishings and collector’s objects: nothing is left to chance.

Le Serre is also a temple to all things gourmet, its menu curated with passion by Chef Pantaleo Amato, champion of low-temperature and steam cooking. His is a purely Mediterranean style, based on organic ingredients with low environmental impact, such as plant-based meats, all selected in accordance with the dictates of Clean Food. Menu highlights include chestnut tagliatelle with porcini mushrooms, taleggio cheese, saffron, and crispy guanciale; or burnt wheat orecchiette with turnip greens, anchovies, and breadcrumbs.

Le Serre has extensive opening hours and offers their guests every meal of the day: from breakfast to a heartier brunch, from lunch to afternoon tea, from dinner all the way to a late evening cocktail with a list of original drinks made with spices and homemade syrups. Private parking. Closed Monday. All credit cards accepted.

Via Decio Filipponi, 1 Tel. 0683986929