by Danilo Brunetti

Leonidas is one of the most celebrated names in the world of Belgian chocolate, offering more than just classic chocolate bars. This ingenious chocolatier is famous for its delectable pralines, each one filled with a different exquisite ingredient, as well as its butter creams in any number of natural flavors, from fruits to vanilla and many more, ganache, liqueur, marzipan, and the list goes on and on. Another signature delight is the Manon-Café, a delicate bonbon with a hazelnut center, covered with the purest white chocolate. Even more particular is the Palet d’Or, with a staggering 72% cacao from São Tomé. Leonidas also offers sugar-free chocolates for health-conscious chocophiles, as well as personalized gift baskets prepared while you wait.

Via dei Redentoristi, 16. Tel 0668192245. leonidas.com