Light up the Night

by Danilo Brunetti

Step into a world of enchantment, light, art and nature. Tiffany Parks leads the way.

This winter, Rome’s Botanical Garden is transformed into a luminous wonderland with Trame di Luce, a captivating event that promises a fairy-tale experience designed for young and old alike. On an ordinary day, the garden is already a place of delight, encompassing 12 hectares of diverse nature spilling down the slopes of the Janiculum Hill, featuring a bamboo forest, a tranquil Japanese garden, numerous fountains, towering palm trees, rare tropical plants, and stunning Art Nouveau greenhouses, all with views of Rome in the distance. But with the Trame di Luce event, this sublime place becomes something even more spectacular.

Created and curated by IMG and Events, Trame di Luce is a sensory installation that will bewitch visitors from one installation to the next , offering numerous photo opportunities to capture memorable moments along the way. Professional artists and creators, both local and international, have collaborated on the project, including the Light Art Collection, a Dutch group renowned for the world’s largest collection of Light Art works, Lorenzo Lopane’s creative multimedia group Unità C1, which engages in a fascinating dialogue between visual surroundings and the environment with projection and video mapping installations, and Simone Puzzolo, founder of SP Progetti Speciali, who displays his versatile talents in special effects and animatronics, commonly used in the cinema and art.

Trame di Luce offers an immersive experience in art and nature, encouraging the city’s residents as well as its visitors to explore gardens and urban oases that often remain undiscovered. Wander through enchanted woods, encounter curious creatures, explore magical caves, pass through tunnels of light, and be awestruck by colorful galaxies and foliage in endless shades of color. 

After the visit, the Luci di Gusto area awaits those seeking a bit of refreshment.  Decorated for the winter season, it offers a simple, delicious, and high-equality culinary experience, with covered eating areas to ensure service even in case of rain.

This extraordinary event, which welcomes both local and international visitors, kicks off on 16 November and runs the entire length of the holiday season until 7 January. Open Wed–Sun, 4:30–11pm. Online booking advised at Entrance at Via Corsini, 25.