Luneur Park

by Danilo Brunetti

There’s a truly magical place in the city, devoted to children from zero to 12 years of age and their families. It’s called Luneur Park, a veritable “Wonder Garden,” surrounded by nature, and measuring an impressive seven hectares, all te- eming with trees, plants, and owers of every color. Perhaps best of all, it’s located only ve short kilometers from the center of Rome.Luneur Park is a true historic marvel of the city, the ol- dest amusement park in all of Italy, and one of the most important places in the city dedicated to the entire family. Swarming happily on the Brucomela (caterpillar) roller co- aster, jumping up and down on the TorreFronda, or due- ling like modern Samurai on the Banzai, there’s virtually no end to the fun available for the kids who visit. The large, majestic Ferris wheel, thoroughly restored and painted in 28 di erent colors (one for each gondola) revolves to the delight of today’s children and those of yesterday. And that’s just the beginning. More than 25 attractions, including rides, games, a play- ground for the smaller children, two adventure trails, and a fantasy one, mean little ones will nd hours of enjoyment. In addition, four creative workshops, a sensory maze, a 7D Cinema, and The Land of Butter ies make learning about nature child’s play. Luneur is a park inhabited by magical creatures, where dre- ams and desires take shape and color, where every day and every hour a new emotion is waiting to be experienced. At Luneur Park, imagination, creativity, and colors blend with rides, games, and workshops, allowing the whole family to have fun in a pleasant and safe environment. Luneur Park is easily accessible to the public, be it for the purchase of tickets and passes, or through a set of useful services to help getting there. Open every day, 10am–9pm; Sat until 11pm.
Via delle Tre Fontane, 100.