Making Scents

by Danilo Brunetti

Famed for having “the most famous nose in the world,” fragrance guru Laura Bosetti Tonatto of Rome boutique Essenzialmente Laura has concocted perfumes for queens, sheikhs, and now you. Alexandra Bruzzese explains.

Laura Bosetti Tonatto chose her craft as a teenager. “I remember going with my uncle to the Khan El Kalili bazaar in Egypt and understanding in that moment that I wanted to become a perfumer. Once I was back home in Turin, I set out to accomplish my dream,” Tonatto has said.

Now considered one of the leading perfumers on the globe, Tonatto has career milestones that read like a fairytale: in 2008 she was personally asked by Queen Elizabeth to create a bespoke, personalized perfume and later a collection of home fragrances for the royal linens. She also concocts scents for the princesses of the Saudi royal family, who invite her every year to the harvest of their native Taif blossom, an oil-rich, 30-petal damask rose beloved for its dizzyingly robust aroma. The ower, Tonatto says, is “the perfect ingredient.”

Luckily for us mere mortals, Tonatto’s creations are available at her boutique Essenzialmente Laura in the historic center of Rome. The store brims with her eau de parfums, concocted with a rich spectrum of raw materials like rose, lily of the valley, amber, and myrrh. Browse luxurious pamper-ready products, too: face and body creams, scrubs, soaps, shower gel, and rose water beg to be sampled, all carefully crafted with the same lavish ingredients found in the beloved perfumes. The boutique also specializes in the 55-fragrance Essenzialmente Laura line, effortlessly organized by olfactory family. Choose a fragrance group— oral, citrus, chypre, oriental, aromatic, woody, leather, fougère—and then snif your way to your new favorite perfume. Essenzialmente Laura also features scented candles, room sprays, and essential oils for the home.

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