Mini Tour

by Danilo Brunetti

One evening  Luca  over a glass of wine in an inspirational moment decided to combine his passion for vintage mini cars together with his everyday working life. To create a magical, enchanting vintage ‘Mini tour of the eternal city of ‘Bella Roma’! He searched for hours looking for authentic vintage mini’s from around Italy only considering chic and stylish cars! The Hollywood ‘iconic’ 1960’s film “The Italian Job” staring Michael Caine played a massive influence for him.

This unique tour that has never been seen in Rome before can be tailor made to your own specifications. You can drive the car yourself with a tour guide to follow in a Vespa or you can have a driver (same price) which ever you prefer! You will be able to see ancient historical Rome in a mesmerising captivating way ! Book a classic, Ancient Tour or secret exclusive tour no tour is too much for our vintage mini’s!!

For information and booking contact: +39 328 7540073 – +39 06 55284699