Molino Bakery & Cucina

by Danilo Brunetti

The name Molino (Italian for “mill”) emphasizes the founding principle of this charming restaurant, immersed in the shadow of the Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore: first and foremost, the authenticity of the ingredients, particularly when it comes to the pastries and bread. In fact, Molino is a multi-functional space, with a gastronomic offering tailored to the different needs of the day, from breakfast to lunch, teatime, aperitivo, and lastly to dinner. The warm and luminous dining room is dominated by a large welcoming counter that includes a coffee bar, and through the windows of the open kitchen, diners can view a pizza-making area, which produces classic as well as gourmet pies. Other tempting offerings include supplì (fried rice balls), burgers, meat- balls, pasta dishes of the Roman and Mediterranean traditions, meat-based entrées (a specialty is the breaded chicken flavored with herbs), and seafood (don’t miss the grilled salmon or the tuna with balsamic vinegar). Each dish is simple but exquisite, in terms of quality, seasonality, and freshness, always with a meticulous selection of ingredients. Open daily.

Via Merulana, 281. Tel 0648905295.