Out of the Blue

by Danilo Brunetti

Roman artist Danilo Bucchi explores the vast potential of a single color in a new exhibit at one of the city’s top contemporary art galleries.

In a first preview for Visionarea Art Space, the exhibition Blu, curated by Gianluca Marziani, inaugurates the new cycle of Danilo Bucchi, the Roman artist whose works are on display in the permanent collection of the National Gallery of Modern and Contemporary Art in Rome (GNAM), and has also been a distinguished guest of the Venice Biennale and the Pièce Unique Gallery in Paris.

Since the acclaim of his murals The Land of Toys at Rome’s MAAM (Museo dell’Altro e dell’Altrove di Metropoliz), and Assolo in the Tor Marancia neighborhood, as well of the success of his solo exhibition Lunar Black at the prestigious MACRO museum, Danilo Bucchi once again confirms his unique relationship with the Eternal City by presenting fourteen new creations to the public.

With Blu’s large-format canvases, Bucchi returns to Rome to narrate a substantial novelty, utilizing color with a high symbolic value, and elaborated with the meticulous attention to chromatic ritual that he’s become famous for, with incisions made on clean white backdrops. After having confronted the long breath of the black mark on white backgrounds, and inserted arterial waves of red between the weavings of the black marks, and finally plunged his gaze into total black, Danilo Bucchi rediscovers with Blu the geography of white on which flow the rivers of this new chromatic sense. It’s a mineral and northern blue, slippery between coves that widen and tighten, rivulets that splash and compact the chromatic density, amidst elastic curves that make us think of the planet seen from the sky but also of the microcosm that naked eye does not perceive. 

Open Tue–Sat, 12–7:30pm. Until 3 April. Visonarea Art Space. Piazza Pia, 1. Tel 3408111533. visionarea.org