Romaeuropa Returns

by Danilo Brunetti

Now in its 36th edition, Romaeuropa is an over two-month-long performance festival that takes place in venues across the city every fall. The Wall Street Journal has hailed it as one of Europe’s most important performance art festivals and each year it attracts major international acts to its stages.  In addition to theater, dance, and classical and contemporary music, there are also performances of new circus, digital arts, and productions for families designed to get young viewers involved and interacting.

After the trauma and uncertainty of the past 18 months, this year’s edition represents something of a new beginning, as this beloved festival returns to animate the city with an international program, signaling a restarting of the cultural and artistic sectors of Rome and the world. After 2020’s edition, which saw the majority of the performances take place virtually, the program this year is one of the richest ever, and the numbers say it all. Eighty-three performance companies will appear on stage, with 516 artists from 15 different countries presenting 206 performances of 86 different productions in 16 venues in Rome, with 33,000 tickets for sale, all in accordance with the current distancing measures (89,000 tickets would have been available with pre-pandemic parameters, a number that would have represented a true record for the festival).

This is our identity, this is our history,” says the festival’s director Fabrizio Grifasi, “this is our view of a complex present, a new present in which we face with baggage in our path, and which we try to discover through the eyes of the artists. But we can face this present thanks to the entertainment world, a world made particularly fragile during these two years and which we want to thank and support.” The program combines the commitment to reschedule concerts that could not take place in last year’s festival due to Covid, with a long list of new proposals aimed at revitalizing international collaborations.

From 14 September. Find a full program at