Satellite, Costume Jewellery Inspired by the Stars

by Danilo Brunetti

Satellite Paris, Parisian house of high fashion jewellery, has its Italian flagship store in the very central Via Frattina. The brand designs and creates its cosmopolitan collections, a constantly renewed alchemy inspired by a blend of cultures, travel and Parisian elegance. Its original handmade creations are jewellery- talismans imbued with French art and craftsmanship. Signature pieces and ethnic jewellery that showcase all women, every day.

Satellite Paris came into being in the mid-80s, creating surprising and original jewellery that didn’t exist anywhere else. The brand’s distinctive design, a rich mix of baroque fantasy, ethnic details and French craftsmanship, quickly seduced the Parisian elite.

Thirty years later, Satellite Paris remains unclassifiable, joyful and cosmopolitan. The Parisian design house proudly perpetuates its heritage: the love of colours, the profusion of beautiful materials, the passing on of know-how and skills, the taste for mix & match.

Baroque, graphic or ethnic, discreet or whimsical, Satellite rings “sign” the wearer’s hand and can be customised. Bracelets can be tried on in all styles: ethnic, delicate bangle, graphic, baroque, sophisticated bracelet or maxi metal chain. Earrings are the Maison’s signature piece of jewellery, setting the pace for all the season’s feminine creations: they are available in sleeper, hoop, clip-on or pierced earring styles. Very delicate or with large links, ethnic, minimalist or very show off, beautiful women’s necklaces add brightness to an outfit.

The jewellery is entirely designed in the Paris atelier. Each piece is unique. Each creation is the expression of many talents: metal founders and engravers, gilders, stone carvers and polishers, embroiderers, lace makers and enamellers. By using precious stones mixed with beads, feathers and silk thread trimmings, a mix of rich and bold combinations is created.
> Via Frattina, 118. Tel +39 0669920206.
Metro Spagna Line A.