Shakespeare on Tap

by Danilo Brunetti

Rome’s Globe Theatre transports you to a different time and place—and keeps you entertained along the way. Tiffany Parks has the details.

Picture a circular theater entirely made of wood, with rows of balconies looking right down onto the stage and cheap seats on the floor. Imagine stars twinkling overhead, as there is no roof on this theater. The actors on stage feel so close and so real that you could almost reach out and touch them. You might just be convinced you’ve traveled back in time and are attending a performance on the banks of the Thames in the time of Queen Elizabeth I.

Unfortunately, time travel wasn’t invented while you weren’t looking. You’re still in Rome in good ol’ 2022. But fortunately, you are about to see some top-notch Shakespeare. The theater may look old, but in reality it’s a modern replica of the original London Globe located in the heart of lush Villa Borghese park. This year, the Gigi Proietti Globe Theatre Silvano Toti celebrates its 18th summer interpreting the works of the bard, as well as original Shakespeare-inspired shows, in this authentic and evocative setting. For Shakespeare purists, The Comedy of Errors, one of Shakespeare’s early comedies, runs from 15 to 21 July. Quel Copione di Shakespeare is a musical and theatrical event that explore the stories that Shakespeare “borrowed” from Italian novellas, specifically Romeo and Juliet in The Unfortunate Death of Two Very Unhappy Lovers on 4 and 5 July, and For a Fistful of Ducats (The Merchant of Venice) on 25 and 26 July. The 18th and 19th bring joy to dance-lovers with Motion and Emotion, and two Shakespeare-inspired kids’ shows, Johnny Fatstaff and Treacherous Cheerleaders of Windsor (2, 3, 9, 10 July) and Caterina and the Dolls (23, 24 July) will keep little ones entertained. All performances in Italian.