by Danilo Brunetti

Just a short walk from the Vatican, Sinatra has been preparing excellent cuisine with passion and fantasy since 1960, always relying on trusted food suppliers to enhance the quality and excellence of the ingredients that go into their dishes. On Friday and Saturday nights, Sinatra offers canoro, a meal accompanied by live music. The menu is short but exquisite and consists of dishes in which the ideals of simplicity and quality reign supreme. Delectable antipasti include supplì with cacio e pepe sauce and burrata cheese with Cantabrian anchovies; first course highlights include bombolotti all’amatriciana, fusilloni with mussels and pecorino, and spaghetti with clams and fish roe. For a second course, opt for Danish beef fillet with herbs; grilled octopus with hummus; or the sweet-and-sour salt cod. End the meal with a tempting dessert like ricotta mousse with sour cherries and crumbled short pastry. Lunch on weekdays is a generous buffet and the ambiance is elegant and informal.

Via Fabio Massimo, 68. Tel 06321965.