Rinascente, a star is reborn

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A century and a half ago, Italian department store Rinascente first opened its doors, initially in Milan then across Italy, with stores taking up residence in historic palaces in major cities. A second flagship store opened in the heart of Rome this past October, just steps from the Trevi Fountain and Piazza di Spagna. The inauguration of this fashion legend coincided with the milestone of nearly 150 years of activity, and exactly 100 years since the celebrated poet Gabriele D’Annunzio coined the name of the store, which literally means “renascent,” or in the process of being reborn.

This prestigious department store offers a selection of the nest products in fashion, accessories, beauty care, home décor, design, and food, providing a wide choice of 800 upscale brands, all offering the very best of Italian and inter- national production. After a painstaking restoration of the historic building on Via Tritone, an exciting archeological discovery was made: a well-preserved section of the Aqua Virgo aqueduct inaugurated by Emperor Augustus in 19 BC, which can be seen in the basement. The department store also incorporates a smaller building—erected in the early 1900s and known as the “Palazzetto”—literally inside of it, an authentic “building within a building” that adds a fascinating element to the store’s architecture.

Another defining architectural element is the cavaedium, an ancient-style central courtyard that brings light and splendor to every floor. The basement is home to the Design Supermarket, offering innovative and trendsetting brands in home décor, proposals for the dining table and kitchen, fabrics, leather goods and luggage, lighting, and technological gadgetry. This is where you can also admire the ruins of the Aqua Virgo aqueduct in a special exhibition space, allowing you to combine a shopping trip with a cultural outing. The tax-free lounge and customer service desk are also located here.

Every floor is a new treasure trove of products to discover, from jewelry, watches, sunglasses, and accessories on the ground floor, to cosmetics, fragrances, and lingerie on the first floor up. Men’s fashion, footwear, accessories, and underwear are located on levels two and three, and women’s fashions, luxury ready-to-wear, designer shoes, denim, and athletic footwear on four and five. The top two levels host the food hall, restaurants, food market, café, lounge bar, and panoramic terrace. Restaurants include the Feudi San Gregorio winery, Michelin-starred chef Riccardo Di Giacinto MadeITerraneo, Temakinho, serving Brazilian-Japanese cuisine, and all-organic ViVi Bistrot.

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Via del Tritone, 61/Via dei Due Macelli, 23. Tel 06879161. Mon–Sun, 9:30am– 11pm.
Store: Piazza Fiume. Tel 068841231. Mon–Fri, 9:30am–9pm; Sat, 9:30am– 9:30pm; Sun, 10am–9pm.





Since 1830, the artisanal workshop of Genny Di Virgilio has been open for business.
In the heart of Naples, on the street known worldwide for the art of the nativity scene, Via San Gregorio Armeno, shoppers can find the Di Virgilio workshop. The Di Virgilio family has passed down this exceptional craft from generation to generation for almost two centuries, creating incredible Nativity figurines, whose faces are completely one-of-a-kind, and are individually handcrafted and painted to give each and every one of them a unique character. All the Neapolitan figurines have glass eyes, wooden limbs, and bodies made of mesh wire and hemp, assembled with expertise and then dressed carefully in outfits sewn together with ne San Leucio silk and embellished with trimmings, bows, braiding, and gold or silver piping. Every detail of the figurines is meticulously and realistically reproduced with masterful skill and dexterity.