Talking Scent – The Merchant of Venice

by Danilo Brunetti

Most cities in Italy have something special about them, Milan has fashion, Rome has history, and Venice (besides its canals) has perfume. So, when luxury perfumery The Merchant of Venice opened its doors in Venice in 2013, it just made sense. Now, a few short years later, they have a brand-new location in the center of Rome, adding to their growing list of boutiques across the country, from Milan to Florence. But no matter the location, the high standards for their products including eau de parfum and eau de toilette, and body care products remain the same. Their care for the customer and attention to detail shine in the way they package their fragrances in artfully-made flacons, each one bearing a shape and color inspired by the Murano glass-making tradition. They also offer a personalized layering service, in which customers can combine different scents to create a fragrance that is truly their own.  The Rome location is situated just a few blocks from the Spanish Steps, fitting right in among the high-end shops. The boutique was designed by famous theatrical scenographer Pier Luigi Pizzi to resemble a Venetian apothecary with a contemporary twist. In a nod to its location, the theme is black and minium, the shade of a dark red pigment also known as “red lead” that was often used by ancient Romans to paint the interior of their homes. The brand’s creativity is inspired by the ancient “mude,” the Venetian maritime trade routes that gave Venice exclusive access to new raw materials. With this rich history and the dedication of their skilled artisans, The Merchant of Venice has created a luxury fragrance brand with all the hallmarks of the Venetian perfumery tradition at heart.

Via Bocca di Leone, 93. Tel 066780834.