by Danilo Brunetti

Pamper yourself with luxurious linens from home boutique TEBRO, suggests Filly di Somma.

Founded in 1867, TEBRO (an acronym of Tessuti Biancheria Roma) has been located in the very same spot where you’ll find it today: directly in front of the Parliament building in one of the chicest Roman neighborhoods. TEBRO has long established itself as one of the most exclusive linen shops in Rome, supplying Italy’s royal and aristocratic families in the past, as well as the Vatican itself (still its most prestigious client). With a history of such well-heeled regulars, it comes as no surprise that TEBRO sells only the finest products, ranging from pajamas, bathrobes, and undergarments for men, women, and children, to linens and accessories for the home. Personalized service is also an option for shoppers with a particular vision—the majority of TEBRO’s luxe inventory can be hand embroidered by an expert artisan with initials, names, designs, or logos.   

Thanks to a team of interior designers, TEBRO also offers décor consultancy, which spans from the choice of home linens to the selection of a color palette. TEBRO has distinguished itself from its very inception, not only in its offering of the finest textiles from Italy and abroad, but also in creating its own line. The boutique has begun to export their collections to the foreign market and now collaborates with over a 100 businesses in Italy alone, including luxury hotels and cruise lines.

TEBRO belongs to the Association of Historic Stores of Rome, which requires a minimum of 70 years in business overseen by at least three generations of the same family. Stefano Pizzolato is the third generation of the TEBRO family, and as owner and CEO, he plans to continue to open the store to the international market, in the spirit of authentic Made in Italy excellence.

Via dei Prefetti, 48/56. Tel 066873441. Via Cadlolo, 1/2. Tel 0635420476.

Via Catanzaro, 41. Tel 0644233229.