Terrazza Marco Antonio Luxury Suites Roma

by admin_wr

There are locations that are born with the vocation to live a unique experience to the guests. Locations that are symbols of places and times and that leave an indelible mark in the eyes of who appreciate the elegance, refinement, beauty of form and balances.There are dreams that come true. A look, a fragrance, the mind surrenders and gives way under. To be involved, pampered and overwhelm your senses are born 6 suites Terrace Marco Antonio. Style icons, strictly Italian design, in the good qualities of the materials, in the sinuous forms.Exclusive and beautiful. Looking, elegant, refined, these accommodations are a must, charming luxury in the Eternal City.


Via delle Quattro Fontane, 15, 00187 Rome 
T. + 39 06 42012340