The Amateur’s Cabinet

by Danilo Brunetti

A fascinating exhibit by contemporary portraitist Roberto Di Costanzo is inaugurated at the artist’s own atelier. Read on for a preview.

Cabinet D’Amateur, a new exhibition by artist Roberto Di Costanzo, is an exploration of design through refined sculptural evolution. The exhibit is a graphic investigation that has its inception in classical sculpture, paying tribute to Michelangelo Buonarroti in his masterful role as a sculptor. Through the works on display, Di Costanzo explores the new conception of Michelangelo’s art, which, according to art historians, closed the cycle of classical art and strict representation, and opened the door to modern art.

Roberto di Costanzo

Through his academic but earthly style, the artist finds a way to capture the poetry of the lifelike marble of sculpture, thus overcoming the two-dimensional boundary that works on paper are often subject to. Roughly fifteen works are on display, ranging from large to small format, in a graphic interpretation that combines the techniques of ink, pastel, and chalk. With the exhibit, portraitist Di Costanzo inaugurates his new season of figurative art by returning to the essentials, to pure form, and to detail, which, nevertheless, suggests a final incompleteness of the figures, an existential metaphor of life.

This long-awaited return to portraiture is the culmination of his most recent shows, Carnet de Voyage Roma Milano Parigi, and A Rebours – Controcorrente, both inaugurated in his prestigious atelier in Via Giulia in Rome, as well as his seventh illustrated book, Rome – Secret Journey with Eros. Open to visitors on a contingent basis, through the end of October, Tue–Sat, 5–9pm.

Roberto Di Costanzo Atelier. Via Giulia, 111. Information and reservations: cel 3334685413.