The Bombay Blues

by Danilo Brunetti

From Bombay with Love

A new, elegant restaurant in the historic center of Rome, The Bombay Blues entices diners to relax on soft cushions and be enveloped by the colors and flavors of a fascinating millennia-old tradition. The restaurant’s mission is to create a refined and sophisticated atmosphere that distinguishes itself from the droves of more touristic Indian restaurants, which often fail to fully represent the exquisite cuisine of the subcontinent. The menu reflects the traditions of the most refined culinary repertoire of the Bombay school; standout dishes include samosas (fried flaky dough stuffed with vegetables), vegetarian meatballs, palak paneer (marinated cheese with spinach), aloo gobi (stewed cauliflower, potatoes, and spices), tadka (lentil soup), chicken tikka masala, chicken tandoori, lamb vindaloo, fish curry, and many other delicacies, all accompanied by biryani rice and different varieties of naan bread. For a gluttonous dessert, opt for daulat ki chaat (soufflé with milk, sugar, cream, pistachios, and spices), gulab jamun (a small Indian version of the Italian babà) or a lassi (a traditional yogurt-based drink).

Via Piè di Marmo, 36. Tel 0689830199.