The Flair

by Danilo Brunetti

Fare with Flair

A brand-new rooftop restaurant opens its doors just in time for spring. Antonella Mastrosanti has the details.

The Flair – Rooftop Restaurant is the newest venture of Sina Hotels, a group renowned for its excellence not just in hospitality, but also in ne dining. With space for just 40 diners, the gourmet destination sees young Sicilian chef Alessandro Caputo at the helm, fresh o experiences in the Michelin-starred kitchens of Heston Blumenthal and Michel Roux, Jr.

Diners can choose to sit at the coveted “chef’s table” which looks directly onto the open kitchen, allowing them to observe the behind-the-scenes action of a fine dining restaurant. The menu follows the almost minimalist philosophy of the chef: the main ingredient of the dish stays pure and “uncontaminated,” treated with  respect, with its flavors drawn out with just the right cooking techniques and pairings.

A dining experience at The Flair begins with a small welcome amuse bouche, which harmoniously combines smooth and crunchy, delicacy and decision. Appetizers include potato purée with octopus and seaweed powder; baccalà bon bons with red onion jam; fried artichoke with wild garlic mayonnaise; and the “non parmigiana,” a deconstructed eggplant parmesan. Garlic, olive oil, and seafood spaghetti made with a cream of sea truffles is one of the main courses that captures the flavors of the sea. The pistachio ravioli with pioppini  mushrooms and mushroom consommé, meanwhile, is best described as Sicily- meets-the-forest. Other must-try dishes include a sumptuous Marango beef let accompanied by seasonal vegetables and shrimp crudités; and foie gras with crunchy bread bisque and lemon gelée. Sicily triumphs again in The Flair’s desserts, in the form of the berry coulis with almond foam, pine essence, and mandarin wafer; and the chocolate mousse with almond gelato and orange juice brittle.

The restaurant’s design draws inspiration from the Roman skyline, visible in all of its breathtaking beauty from the sprawling dining room windows.

Piazza Barberini, 23. Tel 0642010469.