The Future of Tradition

by Danilo Brunetti

Meat-lovers and fish fanatics alike will find something to rave about at this excellent osteria.

Row upon row of high-quality wine bottles run along the walls of this contemporary-style restaurant, creating a welcoming and cozy atmosphere where traditional Roman cuisine, slightly updated to a more modern key, is the star of the show. This is Osteria Flaminio, a restaurant that attracts Rome’s most discerning foodies and wine connoisseurs, at lunch as well as for aperitivo or dinner, thanks to its innovative menu and well-stocked cellar.

Many of the dishes on offer are based on traditional Roman recipes, often with variations that substitute fresh fish for more classic ingredients. The common feature of all the proposals, both from land and sea, is the careful choice of ingredients, selected according to season and the market, which raises the dish from good to great. Their “special” carbonara, for example, is prepared with eggs from Livorno, crisp guanciale from Visso, and pecorino romano DOP cheese, a dish that is alone well worth a visit. Start your meal with one of the tempting antipasti, such as seafood soup with crispy strips of bread or Black Angus tartare with crunchy breadcrumbs and mustard sauce.

To follow, opt for one of the classic Roman pastas (amatriciana, gricia, or cacio e pepe) or try spaghetti with clams or pasta with mussels, pecorino cheese, and eggplant. The unmissable main courses feature both fish and meat, and include roasted octopus, grilled ombrine, maxi toast with salmon and scrambled eggs, and fried chicken meatball with lemon and basil on eggplant cream. Satisfy your sweet tooth with homemade tiramisu or the osteria’s special house cheesecake. A courteous and attentive staff is yet another point of strength of this busy restaurant. Reservations recommended.

>Via Flaminia, 297. Tel 0692595854.