The Language of Digital Art

by Danilo Brunetti

A new exhibition of the work of Matteo Basilé explores the coming together of the digital and the biological.

An experimenter of languages, one of the most inspiring innovators in contemporary art since the mid-1990s, and a European pioneer when it comes to experimenting with the hybridisation of art and digital media, Matteo Basilé presents an exhibit this month at Visionarea Art Space. The show returns to a theme that has perennially fascinated the artist, namely playing with digital languages, making them the raw material for new artistic projects that investigate, question, and experiment the newest frontiers, making the immaterial material, and giving life to new visions.

Hybrida is the title of this exhibition, curated by Gianluca Marziani, and it features a selection of works created in 2022 and never before exhibited in Rome. In ancient mythology, hybridism was the imagined combination of the human and animal worlds, from the Sphinx of Giza to the myth of the faun or the centaur. But today, the term hybridism has come to signify a mix of man with machine, technology with biology, whether it be chips under the skin or biological microorganisms such as viruses, and it is this fusion that Basilé’s works attempt to capture.
The exhibit presents photographic works of various formats that adapt their surfaces to the energy directions of the individual subject and the plane of irradiation, with a capacity to evoke landscapes even when they do not appear. Flat Flemish backgrounds isolate the female figures of this futuristic anthropology, imposing the Rembrandt-like centrality of their drama. The three monitors containing the same number of portraits perform a similar ritual, but with the semantic quality of high definition, within a digital grammar that enhances the infinitesimal perception of microscopic detail.

On until 6 September. Piazza Pia, 1. Tel 06688922744.