The Magic of Glass

by Danilo Brunetti

Glass and light come together with magnificent results in an exciting new exhibition.

Throughout the entire month of June, the Eitch Borromini Hotel’s cloister hosts an exhibition by Carlo Baldessari, a Modenese artist who presents his exclusive and extraordinary illuminated glass sculptures. Carlo Baldessari has often been defined as the “glass magician,” thanks to his ability to recover, reinvent, and give a marvelous new life to the self-demolishing tempered glass fragments recovered from the glass factories and furnaces of Murano.

Baldassari’s story is almost the stuff of fairy tales. After thirty years working as a dental technician, he developed a passionate desire to create glass art that eventually became impossible to ignore. His growth in this new field was so rapid that he abandoned his previous job and transformed his dental studio into a glass laboratory. Carlo Baldessari is now a world-renowned artist who seeks, selects, studies, and recycles crystal with passion and determination, and then assembles it into works inspired by nature, its colors, and its perfect simplicity. Out of small colored fragments, unique pieces are born, such as lamps with amber shades, mirrors with iridescent frames, furnishings, and jewels, capable of embellishing any type of environment.

On occasion of the exhibit, the cloister of Eitch Borromini has been colored with cobalt blue, azure, turquoise, and emerald green, colors that live harmoniously in these objects by virtue of the visible light and transparency that give each object a vitality and life of its own. Baldessari is always on the lookout for new techniques to experiment with, like that of glass fusion, which he was able to implement thanks to his knowledge of the temperatures of the materials used. Some of the pieces he creates, elegant in both shape and color, are transformed into true illuminated forms, generated by the application of a light source inside them.

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