The Mediterranean is Calling

by Danilo Brunetti

Take a gastronomic journey to the Campania region, without leaving the historic center of Rome.

Envisioned by architect Antonio Girardi, Osteria La Segreta artfully transports the genuine flavors of the Campania region to Rome’s Via Margutta, the street of artists and art galleries at the foot of the Pincian Hill, just around the corner from the Spanish Steps. Through meticulous curation of the menu and ingredient list, the restaurant delivers the authentic and unparalleled flavors of the rich Campania region, with a focus on sourcing only the most exceptional, in-season ingredients from the Amalfi and Sorrento coasts. Rooted in the Campania tradition of “Spicciolata,” the menu presents an abundant variety of vegetable, meat, and fish dishes, lovingly crafted according to Neapolitan and Amalfi family recipes.

Embark on your gastronomic journey with one of the many appetizers that grace the menu, from zucchini alla scapece to carpaccio with juicy cuore di bue tomatoes from Sorrento, and coveted buffalo mozzarella hailing from Paestum. The first courses are all proudly made with products by 28 Pastai, a historic pasta factory in Gragnano, which uses a slow wind-drying process. Meanwhile, the meat is supplied by the renowned Feroci butcher shop in Rome, and the seafood—only the finest catch of the day—is bought at auction at the nearby fishing town of Anzio. 

Beyond the tantalizing menu, Osteria La Segreta’s ambiance exudes an irresistible charm, thanks to a meticulous renovation spearheaded by the Antonio Girardi Architect studio. Colonial-style craftsmanship blends seamlessly with eclectic collectibles, rendering a space that’s equal parts welcoming and captivating. The raffia-clad walls, adorned with artworks, pay homage to the artistic and commercial heritage of Via Margutta, and thus La Segreta does double duty as art gallery and restaurant. The project by the AG Architect studio boasts an elegant and inspiring atmosphere, perfect for anyone who values good design and great food. 

>Via Margutta, 82. Tel 0651980314.