The Roman Civilization

by Danilo Brunetti

An extraordinary new exhibit of the works of Vittorio Storaro are on display at La Nuova Pesa gallery. 

La Nuova Pesa gallery, owned by Simona Marchini, is hosting a fascinating new exhibition all summer that no visitor to Rome should miss. La Civiltà Romana, that is, Roman civilization, features the works of Vittorio Storaro, the celebrated Italian cinematographer widely recognized for his work on classic films such as The Conformist, Apocalypse Now, and The Last Emperor. The exhibit showcases a set of images of the Eternal City, photographs created with double exposure within the same frame, ten of which are being exhibited in Italy for the first time. The works give life to a unique visual project, a journey into the memory of time. Curated by Nestor Saied and Giovanni Storaro, the son of Vittorio, the exhibit is a continuous cultural exploration of what the civilization of ancient Rome—as well as all the civilizations that followed and preceded it—has bestowed upon history.

The exhibit is made up of a succession of images inspired by three distinct yet related concepts: light, color, and the elements. The photographic expression at the heart of the Civiltà Romana exhibit is the revisiting of Storaro’s creative path, a journey into the visual imaginary that has accompanied him in his career thus far. The story is told in a mosaic of fifteen sub-themes that only together can restore the face, the true image, of the city of Rome. The series of cine-photographs that make up the exhibit is divided into three parts:

– Memory, water, the afterlife, defense, and the emperors, all ideas that are loosely based on the theme of LIGHT, around which revolves the relationship between the moon and the sun, darkness and the unconscious

– Triumphs, empresses, divinities, buildings, nature, all images that can be grouped under the theme of COLORS, illustrating the relationship between masculine and feminine, between matter and consciousness

– Law, representations, the seven hills of Rome, the Roman Empire, concepts touching on the theme of THE ELEMENTS, which highlights and explores the relationship between the natural and the artificial, between energy and the superconscious

Vittorio Storaro is a three-time Oscar winner, having won the prestigious award for Francis Ford Coppola’s Apocalypse Now, Warren Beatty’s Reds, and Bernando Bertolucci’s The Last Emperor. At the height of his film career, Storaro devoted several years to the study of symbolism, philosophy, and screenwriting. The exhibit La Civiltà Romana, a reinterpretation of his creative concepts, is a project that seeks to deepen not only the knowledge of visual arts but the historic, social, and cultural roots of this vast art form. The exhibition is accompanied by the presentation of a catalogue, a collection of philosophical concepts, writings, paintings, and photographic images, the result of Storaro’s many years as a scholar and a filmmaker.  

La Nuova Pesa Gallery  -Via del Corso, 530. Tel 063610892.

Opening hours: 10am–1pm and 4–7:30pm. Admissions will be limited in compliance with current Covid-19 regulations.