The Sea You’ve Never Seen&nbsp

by Danilo Brunetti

A new exhibit turns deadly trash into hopeful art.

At the Galleria Spazio Cima, a new exhibit by Serafino Rudari displays works of art made from deadly plastics found in the sea—an artistic alchemy that transforms the mortal into the vital. The plastics used in the works, which otherwise would have polluted the sea and suffocated its creatures, take the form of fish and turtles in a neoplastic, almost pop-art style.

The works on display aim to give meaning and value to plastic, specifically to bottles, objects that by their nature are not beautiful, but, according to the artist, can become attractive. “With this initiative which I have called SYNS: The Sea You’ve Never Seen, my goal is to raise awareness of this topic by creating an installation suspended in the air, made up of the bottles I collected and transformed into marine creatures,” says Rudari. “I would like to spread this message: if it were possible to save a marine being by removing a plastic bottle from the sea, perhaps everyone of us would be able to fully understand how much each of our conscious gestures can be hopeful for the preservation of life.”

Every year, roughly 8 million tons of plastic end up in the sea, disfiguring the marine environment and killing its creatures. A universal cry of alarm has been sounded to put a stop to this killer trend that will eventually lead to having more plastic than fish. But this exhibit sends a more positive message, that the world of art, with its role of salvation and beauty, can instill hope and sensitivity.

The exhibition includes 15 works on canvas, made in composite collage with plastic, paper, and cardboard; 100 fish and 100 turtles created from as many plastic bottles; and a suspended installation of 15 other fish.

On until 23 April. Via Ombrone, 9. Tel 0685302973.