The Ties that Bind

by Danilo Brunetti

A new exhibit explores the mysteries of the human experience through an ancient, reinterpreted artistic form.

A fascinating new exhibit is on at Galleria Triphè, a contemporary art gallery near Castel Sant’Angelo. Intersectiones is a solo exhibition presenting the work of Federica Zianni, curated by Maria Laura Perilli. The exhibit’s title is a reference to the ancient art of intertwining and knotting cords, an art form that has been reinterpreted and updated by the artist with her highly identifiable style. The ordinary and everyday materials used, such as tourniquets and bicycle sheaths, are regenerated through the artistic process and given a second life.

The works on display are literally a continuous knot of materials that lead to a stimulating aesthetic result. The knot, in particular, has always had a significant role in artwork of the past, never merely a casual or decorative detail. In the Renaissance, the knot was used by artists such as Leonardo Da Vinci, who conceived the universe itself as a knot, weaving and coiling around itself with twists and turns.

In the artwork of Zianni, we see the knot return again and again: the work Suspended (2020), for example, highlights the complex emotional and biological interweavings that characterize the human experience by collecting knots in a cocoon containing a life ready to be generated by branching out with its tentacles to escape from it. Other works, such as Small Reticulum and Field vacillate between compression and liberation, a struggle between the two dimensions of Eros and Thanatos, love and death. Processionary and Hummers underline Zianni’s artistic evolution, both from a conceptual and an aesthetic point of view, with the objective of regulating emotions. Her works oscillate between a contact with the earth and with our most ancient, ancestral emotions, culminating with a search for a more rational and regulated approach to life.

Runs until 13 April. Via delle Fosse di Castello, 2. Tel 3661128107.