The World is a Garden

by Danilo Brunetti

The prestigious Accademia Filarmonica Romana brings together artists and musicians from all around the world in their international summer festival. Tiffany Parks has the details. 

The Roman Philharmonic heads into the great outdoors for the latest season of its annual summer festival, The Gardens of the Philharmonic. The festival unfolds in the verdant gardens of the orchestra’s open-air venue on the slopes of the Pincian Hill, and, as always, it brings together music and musicians from all corners of the globe, from the Far East to the heart of Europe to the shores of South America, with the collaboration of embassies and cultural institutions from around the world. This year’s edition is entitled Fluid, which refers to the changing and undefinable aspect of music that belongs to several genres at once. It’s a rich program of over two dozen events, including music, literature, art exhibitions, meet-ups, and book presentations, where different traditions and cultures provide a stimulus for integration and listening. 

This program, which transports the audience from Warsaw to Tel Aviv, from Bratislava to ancient Persia, Brazil, and Japan, opens on the 17th with a night dedicated to Poland with a performance by baroque ensemble Giardino di Delizie, made up entirely of Polish and Italian musicians. On the 19th, Israel is represented with a concert of saxophonist and improviser Jonathan Chazan, interpreting Myrtenbaum, Ilzetki, Berio, Beja and Sforza. June 22nd is dedicated to Iran, with the exhibition of new works by artist Bahar Hamzepour, a tribute to the Italian-Iranian filmmaker Kamran Shirdel, and concerts of contemporary Persian music with traditional instruments. The 23rd sees pianist Marco Clavorà Braulin perform a program of pieces by Slovakian composers, followed by a later concert of traditional Argentine music. Japan is on stage on the 27th, with the Takarabune company, which originated in the Awa-Odori, the historic Japanese dance festival of Tokushima. In addition to all this, the festival also presents a tribute to Pier Paolo Pasolini, on the centenary of the birth of that great intellectual and poet.

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