The World of Bansky

by Danilo Brunetti

Discover the controversial art of Banksy in a thoroughly urban setting

A new exhibition at Galleria Commerciale of Roma Tiburtina explores the work of the most famous “anonymous” street artist of all time. The World of Banksy – The Immersive Experience takes place in the shopping center inside Rome’s Tiburtina station all summer.

Over 100 murals and objects by the British artist are on display, retracing his entire production, from the paintings of the very first phase of his career up to the present day, from works of hand graffiti to stenciled pieces. The exhibition presents a story spanning over twenty years, immersing the viewer in a world that rejuvenates the soul. Alongside the traditional exhibition, there’s also a virtual section, i-Banksy, where for the first time the most iconic works of art of the mysterious street artist become animated thanks to short videos narrating the history and social criticism hidden behind these murals that are scattered all over the world.

The exhibition offers the public the opportunity to understand the relevance of the social message of Banksy’s works, exploring the themes of capitalism, war, social control, and freedom in a broad sense, with the backdrop of the paradoxes of our time. It analyzes Banksy’s ability to integrate into space without borders, managing to gain access to unimaginable areas, from places of war and conflict to impregnable institutions.

The recurring subjects, such as monkeys, mice, and other animals who ironically possess clearly distinguishable human features and are often the bearers of slogans, find a home inside the Roma Tiburtina station. Open daily, 10am-8pm. Closed 8-21 August. theworldofbanksy